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Vancouver Dog Training

Living in harmony with your dog begins with a better understanding of your dog’s needs and the way their mind works.

Located in Vancouver, WA, our positive rewards training system focuses on working with both ends of the leash to help solve common behavior problems such as potty training, leash pulling, jumping on people, excessive barking and basic obedience issues.

What to Expect

Of the several approaches used for training dogs, I use the positive reinforcement training method. A dog that is given consistent, positive, training from an early age grow into a confident and happy dog. I will teach you how to train your dog using voice and hand signal commands with a positive reward system.

Each session I will evaluate interaction between you and your dog. Based on that evaluation I will work up a lesson plan and give you exercises to do before the next training session.  The exercises should last about 15 minutes and occur 2 to 3 times a day with reinforcement throughout the day.  If you have questions between sessions you are more than welcome to email, text or call me.  If I am not available at that time I will get back to you that day to discuss your concerns.


Exercise is important for having well mannered dogs. If your dog is not exercised often enough or long enough they will have excess energy and will find a way to burn off the energy on their own, which usually means frustration for you.  It is also much easier to train a dog after some exercise than it is before because they have burned off their excess energy and are now ready to learn.

And last but not least …

Dog training is a process of modifying a dog’s behavior. Every dog is different and they all learn at their own speed. A dog can pick up something immediately or it may take several sessions with much repetition before the dog learns the behavior. Patience is vital to your dog learning. If they do not get it right away do not worry, it will happen.

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